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Monica Naranjo Carrasco
was born May 23rd 1974
in Figueras, a village in Catalonia
near Cadacques.

She met Dali through some friends
of her mother, although she had
a hard childhood,
because of their poverty
and because of the heavy blow
that the divorce of her parents
meant to her, being still a child.

Since very young, Monica Naranjo
felt attracted by music,
and she spent hous in her bedroom, 
recording her voice 
while singing disco songs.

While studying music, she recorded
demos that she sent 
to many discographic labels.
Nobody noticed her talent
'til young producer Cristobal Sansano
was lef fascinated by her potential.
Being just 16, Monica left home
following her two loves:
music and Cristobal.

Sony Music released in 1994 her 
self-titled debut album 'Monica Naranjo', 
which wasn't  even noticed in Spain 
but with which she revolutioned
Southamerican market, 
especially Mexican.

Her dream began to be real.


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