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After the release of her first album,
Monica took part in a latin producers meeting, in 1995.

In front of that critic audience, Monica sung
her album, attracting discographic labels
by her voice and her charm onstage,
due to the experience.

In 1997 she released her second album,
titled "Palabra de Mujer" [Woman´s Word],
whose first single, "Desatame" [Release Me],
caused such a polemic in Mexico
that some scenes of the videoclip
had to be censored because of showing
"lesbian love".

Monica made every kind of people dance,
and slowly became a disco-drama Diva.

She was even awarded with the Amigo
for being the Best Female Artist in 1998.

Her last work, Minage,  comes to light
after a long time apart from the public eye
in Spain.

Coming back from promoting her previous
album in Portugal, in the beginning of 2000,
Monica's flight has problems.
That makes her think and she decides
to make her dream come true:
work with her idol, Mina.

The Italian singer that one day retired
with the famous phrase "Non gioco più"
[I Don't Play Anymore], agrees to colaborate
with Monica and they even record a duet.

This last work includes 9 covers of Mina's songs
to Spanish (with the special touch in lyrics
by her friend and colleague J.M. Navarro) and 3 new songs, two of them in English
and one with Mina.

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